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Mubakkir™ Shortlisted for 2019 GESS Education Award

Abu Dhabi 01/14/19

Diglossia's Mubakkir Early Arabic Reading Assessment has been shortlisted for the 2019 GESS Education Award in the category of Early Years Resource/Equipment Supplier of the Year.



GESS 2016 Start-up of the Year Winner

DUBAI, UAE 03/02/16

Diglossia Named 2016 GESS Education Start-Up Company of the Year
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Arab Thought Foundation signs MoU with Diglossia to fund development of Arabic Early Learning Assessment

ABU DHABI, UAE 02/15/16

Arabic Early Reading Assessment

The Arab Thought Foundation has signed an MoU with Diglossia to fund the development of an Arabic  Early Learning Assessment to promote early literacy skills in young learners. The MoU came as part of  the organization’s efforts to improve the teaching and learning of the Arabic language throughout the  Arab World.    Experts agree that early and frequent measurement of young learners’ progress toward the acquisition  of early literacy skills is an essential element for developing successful readers and writers.    Building on the experiences of researchers and educators who have developed similar tools in other  languages, combined with the innovative use of evolving capabilities in mobile computing, the Arabic  Early Reading Assessment (AERA) will give teachers and administrators a powerful and easy­to­use  tool for the systematic gathering, recording, and interpreting of student data to inform effective  instruction and intervention.    As a progress monitoring tool, the AERA will make it easy for teachers to maintain a running record of  every student’s progress towards meeting the benchmark requirements for each of six to ten  pre­reading and early reading skills that have been identified by experts as essential to the  development of reading fluency in young learners.    As a formative assessment tool, the detailed data obtained from regular administration of the AERA will  give teachers the diagnostic information they need to provide every child with meaningful formative  feedback, and to develop personalized, evidence­based remediation and intervention strategies tailored  to each child’s individual needs.    To fully monitor progress, the AERA should be administered no less frequently than once every six  weeks, although more frequent administrations will provide more meaningful information, particularly  where reliable Response to Intervention (RTI) data is desired. AERA will be available on mobile  devices, and a full range of reports will be available.    The project will span two years and is expected to be available in November 2017.. Read More..


Zayed University signs MoU with Diglossia for field-testing and research collaboration

ABU DHABI, UAE 02/03/16

Diglossia signed an MoU with Zayed University to collaborate on field testing and research aimed at improving vocabulary acquisition and overall literacy skills in both English and Arabic. Read More




Partnership with Sylvan Learning / Middle East


Diglossia and Sylvan Learning/Middle East are partnering to leverage strengths and synergies for the advancement of education across the region. Read More


Mohammed bin Rashid Arabic Language Award Nominee

ABU DHABI, UAE 02/01/16

Diglossia has been nominated for the Mohammed bin Rashid Arabic Language Award for exceptional contributions in serving the Arabic language. Read More


Abu Dhabi AmCham Bridge of Excellence Award Finalist

ABU DHABI, UAE 01/31/16

Diglossia was a finalist for the Abu Dhabi American Chamber of Commerce Bridge of Excellence award, for bridging the gap in bilateral trade relations and demonstrating commitment to cross-border business alliances.Read More